TAIB External Payment Interface (EPI) Merchants

TAIB External Payment Interface (“EPI”) enables customers to perform online website checkout and make payment by selecting Perbadanan TAIB as the payment method.

How it works

Step 1

Go to merchant’s website, add to cart and perform checkout.

Step 2

Select TAIBVX as payment method.

Step 3

Login to TAIBVX.

Step 4

Select the account to pay from and click pay..

Step 5

Confirm payment details.

Step 6

Key in OTP and you’re done!

External Payment Interface Merchant Requirements:

  • Maintain Corporate / MSME Current Account with TAIB.

  • External Payment Interface Merchant Application:

  • Please call 2266113 or email PortfolioTeam@taib.com.bn and we will be reaching out to you at our earliest convenience.