SiManja Savings

Syariah Concept

Al-Wadiah Yad Ad Dhamanah (Guaranteed Safe Custody)

Type of Account
  • Minor Account administered by Trustee
  • Ages below 18 years old
  • The parent(s) or guardian(s) shall hold(s) the minor’s account(s) in trust until minor reaches 18 years old
  • Upon reaching 18 years old, account will automatically be converted to other savings account in the sole name of the minor
  • Brunei Citizens / Permanent Residents / Foreign nationals with valid residency permit
  • For Foreign nationals:
    • Original valid Identification Card
    • Original valid Passport
    • Employment Pass or Dependent Pass (Child/Spouse) - at Least 3 months validity but expiry must not be less than 6 months
    • Letter of Employment/Contract agreement
    • Satisfactory evidence of residential address such as rental agreement / water bill
  • Original Birth Certificate
  • Original Identity Document of parent(s) or guardian(s)
  • Initial Deposit of $50
  • Proof of employment* (latest salary slip, letter of employment or valid Staff ID) *required only for parent/guardian which is a new customer opening account and any change to the employment (for existing customer)
  • 24/7 ATM/CDM/MFM
  • Hibah (Dividend) at TAIB’s discretion at the end of the year
  • Auto Zakat Deduction
  • Access account anytime, anywhere through Mobile and Online banking

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