TAIB Gold Mastercard Corporate

Discover the potential and convenience of going cashless

Wouldn’t it be easier to go on a business trip or pay your company utilities bills without the hassle of carrying cash? Simplify your business transactions today and embrace the cashless society

  • Globally recognized and convenient – Access to over 43 million merchants worldwide.
  • Contactless – Simply Tap onto the point-of-sales (POS) terminal to make payment.
  • Exclusive Offer – Enjoy seasonal discounts and exclusive offers with TAIB Merchant Delights.
  • Companies registered under Companies Act or Businesses registered under Business Act or Entities registered under Societies Act.
  • Business must be Syariah Compliant.
  • Maintain an account with Perbadanan TAIB for at least six months; or Provide 6 months cash flow that can serve the obligations to TAIB credit card.

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